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An Inclusive diverse community

What We Do

We are a diverse housing co-operative community. We strive to provide a high-quality living environment for our members, doing the best to respond to our members needs, while promoting a safe, kind, respectful and healthy environment

Co-op Members

Live in the Co-op, Elect Board of Directors, Guide Policy and Budget

Board Of Directors

Elected by the Co-op members & Govern the Co-op Affairs


Hired By The Board, Day to Day Management of the Co-op

Less Expensive

Co-ops are usually more affordable, per square foot than condos and most rentals in the same area, with the added benefit of no purchasing costs.

Social Connectivity

Co-ops often provide more social “connectivity” than other rental environments, which can be helpful in big cities. Most co-op members know their neighbours

Smart Investement

Co-op housing is often a great stepping stone for members to afford to continue education to have a career and eventually buy a home.

Who We Are?

Fife Road Co-operative Homes Inc. was incorporated on February 25, 1991 and is a family community providing market rent and rent geared to income housing for members.

There are 99 stacked and townhouses comprised of one, two, three and four-bedroom units as well as 2 and 3 bedroom accessible units.

The Co-op offers a laundry facility, as well as in unit hookups for personal laundry machines, member and visitor parking, is close to a variety of amenities, schools and is accessible by local transit.

Our community strives to make Fife Road Co-op a place to call home rather than just a place to live. We hold annual events for our members including, summer BBQ, holiday dinner, Halloween party, community garage sales and much more.


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Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation (COCHF) is a federation of non-profit housing co-operatives in the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Brantford and Guelph. COCHF member organizations include: housing co-ops, student housing co-ops, co-op staff associations, and resource groups (co-op housing developers/managers).

COCHF was incorporated in 1992 as a co-operative under the Co-operative Corporations Act (Ontario).

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After downloading the form, please fill it out and scan  to the below mentioned email addresses. Once your application is approved you will be given access to online Forms for managing your every chores.