Member Relations Policy

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Member Relations Policy

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The purpose of this Policy is to

Facilitate effective communication and conflict resolution between members and the Co-op.

Streamline the process for dealing with member complaints.

Establish clear roles for the Board in dealing with member conflicts.

Priority of this Policy:

This Policy takes priority over and or amends all previous Board Policies, resolutions or decisions that deal with member complaints.

Amendment of this Policy

This policy may be amended by Board resolution.

Member Complaint Procedure

In the normal course of operations, conflict will arise between the Co-op and its members and/or between various members. Should conflict occur:

Members should attempt to talk with each other and resolve problems together. If this does not bring about the desired result, members can take a more definite action by following the complaint procedure.

If a member has a complaint, the matter will be brought to the Board, in writing by means of a Complaint Form, attached as Schedule A. The Co-op will seek to maintain confidentiality with respect to the complaint.

A member can obtain a copy of the Complaint Form from the Co-op office. It should be addressed, in confidence, to the Co-op and delivered to the Co-op office or placed in the Co-op office mail slot. Co-op Staff will bring the complaint to the next Board Meeting. The Board will then notify the member in writing on how the Board decides to deal with the complaint.

If the matter has not been resolved, the Member can write to the Board of Directors to request to speak at the next Board Meeting about the complaint.

Where the Co-op receives excessive correspondence from a Member, the Board of Directors may request that the complaint be limited and refocused by the Member. The Board may also limit the times and days on which contact will be.

If a complaint is about the same matter that has already been considered with only a minor difference and has exhausted the complaints process, the Board will advise that the matter is closed.

If a Member has made unreasonable complaints in the past, the Co-op will not assume that the Member’s next complaint is unreasonable as each case will be considered on its merits. All relevant correspondence will be evaluated to consider the circumstances, including:

Whether there is a likelihood that complaints are being made to intentionally cause harassment, redirect resources or to interrupt the proper workings of the Co-op

  1. Whether the Member has made persistent or unreasonable demands
  2. Whether the Member has been abusive or threatening to staff or has produced excessive correspondence; or
  3. Where the complaint is considered to hinder the day-to-day operational management of our services.

Where it is clear that a Member will not accept the Board’s decision on a matter, and that Member continues to contact the Board, the Board may notify the Member that no further complaints will be accepted concerning the matter, and that correspondence will be registered but not acknowledged or responded to unless the Member provides significant new information relating to the complaint or raises new issues of complaint which, in the Board’s opinion, warrant fresh action.

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