Member’s Move Out Responsibility

Member’s Contributions


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Members moving out of the Co-operative should be aware of the following responsibilities to the Co-operative:

The Bylaw 2 Article 5.1 Members’ Units & Chargeback and Vacating Unit Policy identifies move out maintenance policy and procedures, which need to be followed regarding, move out.

The members moving out who are in arrears with the Co-op will need to pay the arrears owing, failure to pay all monies owing to the co-op will result in further collection action being taken as well as the members being registered on the housing database as leaving owing money.

The unit must be emptied of all possessions; this includes removal of all furniture and personal items as well as all garbage. The unit must be fully cleaned, this includes but not limited to: All windows and tracks washed, screens cleaned, all cabinets emptied and cleaned, co-op appliances cleaned, shower, toilets, sinks, patios/balconies, basements, walls cleaned, etc. Failure to complete all required work will result in the hiring of a company to complete this work and the fees will be deducted from the members deposit or charged back to the household.

According to By-law No. 2, Article 3 member’s contributions; section 3.5,

Members must pay a member deposit to the co-op. This deposit cannot be used as the last month’s housing charges. Members must pay this deposit before moving into their unit, unless the co-op allows them to pay it over time. This could be over several months. This must be stated in a deposit payment agreement prepared by the manager and signed by the member and the co-op.

Any MEMBER DEPOSIT owed to the member(s) will be sent to the address specified below.

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