Vehicle Registration Form

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Registration Form

Please read the following terms and fill in the form below

All vehicles on the Co-op property:

In order to ensure that all vehicles on the Co-op property have the proper authorization an update of vehicle registration information (ownership and/or insurance) is required from all households as applicable. The previous notice was not adhered to and as a result not all members have the proper permits.

The attached form must be completed and returned it to the office by ALL MEMBERS on an annual basis along with a copy of your vehicle ownership and current proof of insurance. If you do not have a vehicle you must check the box where indicated, sign and return the form to the office.

Upon submission of the registration form and required documentation a hanging parking permit will be issued if not already supplied.  Old Permits that are NOT mirror hangers are not valid.  Each household will only be allowed to register one vehicle with the exception being for those who have been allocated a second parking space in accordance with the Co-op’s Parking Policy which is attached in your bylaw books.

For members with more than one vehicle, there are a very limited number of extra parking spaces which can be requested for a monthly fee of $25.00 and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.  Currently, all extra spaces are in use, but you are welcome to submit the request for addition to the waitlist. As per bylaws the maximum vehicles parked on the property are two (2) per household.

Be advised, the City of Guelph Parking enforcement will continue to monitor, ticket and/or tow any vehicle parked on the property without the proper consent.  Vehicles other than those with the proper permit parked in a unit designated parking space will also be subject to enforcement by the City.

Users of the Community Centre are responsible to clean up, returning furniture/chairs/tables etc. to their original location and leaving the centre in the condition it was

Users of the Community Centre will be responsible for any damage that may occur during its

Users of the Community Centre are required to manage the noise level of their activity so as not to create a disturbance for fellow

All events must end by 1:00 am

Unauthorized vehicles found on the property may be subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s expense if:

A vehicle does not have a valid parking permit

A vehicle is parked in a fire route

A vehicle is parked in a handicap space without a valid province issued permit or license plate

A vehicle is parked in a reserved or assigned space

A vehicle is blocking a driveway or access to the Co-op property

A driver is exceeding the 10 km speed limit and/or is driving recklessly on Co-op property

A derelict/abandoned vehicle is parked on Co-op property

FYI – Overnight guest parking exemptions are available year round (2 a.m. – 6 a.m.) under certain conditions by calling the City of Guelph Parking Office on their automated line at 519-836-PASS (7277) or by applying online for a parking exemption. Please be advised that, unless otherwise signed, overnight parking is permitted city wide from April 1 to November 30. Please also note that the maximum amount of time that a vehicle may park on-street is 48 consecutive hours.

Your co-operation as always is appreciated. If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Co-op office at 519-836-6732 or email . If you currently have a PAID second vehicle space extra copies of the form are available at the office to fill out.

I/we have read, understand and agree to abide by Fife Road Co-operative Homes Inc. Parking Policy and all applicable rules and regulations relating to the City of Guelph Parking By-laws.

I/we have provided the Co-op with the correct vehicle information.

I/we understand that I am fully responsible for the vehicle to which my permit is affixed

I/we acknowledge responsibility to inform my guests and visitors of the rules and regulations relating to vehicle control.

I/we agree to inform the Co-op of any vehicle changes (insurance, ownership, plate number etc.)

I/we understand that failure to abide by the rules and regulations relating to vehicle control may be used as grounds for eviction.

I/we understand that if a change in vehicle happens, it is my responsibility to notify the office promptly with the new information.

I/we understand that if we do not currently have, a vehicle our parking space is to be reserved for our guests only.

Want To Become a Member

After downloading the form, please fill it out and scan  to the below mentioned email addresses. Once your application is approved you will be given access to online Forms for managing your every chores.