Withdrawal of Membership & Surrender Of Occupancy Rights

Ending Membership and Occupancy 

Withdrawal of Membership & Surrender Of Occupancy Rights

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I understand that according to By-Law No. 2 Article 10: HOW MEMBERS WITHDRAW FROM THE CO-OP section 10.2 ENDING MEMBERSHIP AND OCCUPANCY:

Each member must give advance written notice of termination to the co-op. The notice must state a termination date. The termination date must be the last day of a month. Membership and occupancy rights end on the termination date stated in the notice.

The amount of notice given must be at least 60 days.

Members have full rights and obligations during the notice period. If members move out of their unit, they are still responsible for any outstanding obligations until the end of the notice period.

If the Co-op needs to get possession of a unit of a member who has given notice, the Board can follow the procedures stated in article 171.14 of the Co-operative Corporations Act or take any other action. It can do this before or after the day on which the member should leave. In this case the Board does not have to follow procedures of Article 11 Ending Membership and Occupancy of Bylaw No. 2.”

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